Control and Remove Water Plants and Weeds

Effectively rid your shoreline and lake bottom of debris, water weeds, lily pads, cattails and aquatic plants.

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Shark Tooth Customer Reviews

"I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness and ease in removing lake weeds with the Shark Tooth Weed Rake." - Denise L.

"With a little effort it cut through the thick weeds and pulled the smaller weeds out by the roots." - Jim P.

"The Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake was by far the best solution to our seaweed problems. I have never seen a product work this well, 30 minutes of use saved the association nearly a thousand dollars if we were to have contracted the service, not to mention it is an environmentally safe alternative to chemically treating." - Kevin M.

The Best Weed Removal Tool

  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Serrated steel teeth for cutting plants
  • Cuts weeds off at the base
  • Strong enough to remove logs and tree limbs from water bottom
  • 10-foot length to reach from shore or dock
  • Drainage holes for easy maneuverability through the water
  • Three-in-one tool cuts, rakes and scoops water weeds
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • SHIPPING INCLUDED in continental USA

Are your lakes, ponds, swimming areas or boat docks plagued with aquatic weeds?

The Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake® helps you effectively control your pond weeds, lake weeds and aquatic plants. It's a light-weight tool with heavy-duty performance. Our three-in-one tool is designed to cut, rake in and scoop out annoying water weeds and plants.

Choose the Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake to solve your aquatic weed problems and get rid of seaweed, lily pads, cattails, bulrushes and other water weeds from your shore, lake, swimming area, dock, pond, ditch or canal.

Unlike other weed cutters and razers, this unique tool has 12 serrated metal teeth for cutting and four 1-inch holes for water flow, making it easier to gather in cut plants and debris from the water. The Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake glides over the bottom of your lake, pond, ditch or canal, cutting weeds at their base.

The Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake comes complete with two 5-foot handles that clip together, allowing plenty of reach for deeper water.

You'll be amazed at the results you will get!

* Before you take any steps to remove aquatic plants aorund your dock or pier, find out what your lake association, municipal, county, state and regulations will allow.

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